Why placeholder images matter for residential and commercial property photography

It’s common practice when you open a sales brochure to see a certain number of lifestyle images. There’ll be a shot of a happy couple, an image of a smiling sales advisor, and often a picture of a bucolic countryside scene like a stream or woodland.

You’ll also often see placeholder photography. This is the term used for residential and commercial property photography images which reflect a location rather than a building – local landmarks, a panoramic view or simply points of interest. A shop refit along London’s Savile Row would almost certainly be marketed with a picture of the iconic street name, far above pavement level. A new-build development on Edinburgh’s western fringe might be accompanied by a shot of trams at Edinburgh Park, or Hermiston Gait’s retail offerings. Placeholder photography denotes the wider lifestyle offered by a particular property or development, illustrating the benefits of that location even if people don’t read the accompanying text.

Everything in its place

For a freelance photographer, placeholder photography represents a unique challenge. Depending on the time of day, a commemorative statue might only be photographable from one of its four sides. Passing traffic often precludes effective streetscape shots being taken at ground level, while anything from graffiti to delivery vehicles can complicate the capture of a panoramic surroundings shot. Then there’s ambient weather to consider, with anything from black clouds to hailstones capable of derailing residential and commercial property photography shoots.

There are always ways to overcome these obstacles with enough knowhow and practice. Elevating yourself above ground level crops out a great deal of pavement clutter such as utility boxes and bins, while simultaneously reducing the visual impact of traffic. It would be inappropriate for G75 Images to give away too many other industry secrets at this stage, but even a sudden downpour doesn’t have to reduce the efficacy of placeholder photography amid a residential and commercial property photography shoot.

Using our initiative

It’s common for our photography clients to be unaware of the importance of placeholder photography, or to have any suggestions on suitable locations. Part of our role as residential and commercial property photography specialists is to explore the area around a property or development, identifying possible opportunities for placeholder images. We’ll then feed this back to our clients, either during our visit or subsequently, based on our explorations. We routinely provide speculative placeholder shots which we believe would complement and benefit future marketing materials.

Effective placeholder photography is all part of the above-and-beyond service you can expect from G75 Images. Get in touch with us to find out more about our residential and commercial property photography services.