When freelance property photography goes wrong

As 2022 dawns, G75 Images is celebrating 20 years of professional property photography expertise. Powered by the knowledge only a lifetime of practical experience can bring, we have compiled one of the most impressive portfolios of freelance property photography in the UK. From our headquarters in Carlisle, G75 Images provides residential and commercial freelance property photography services – and one of our key specialisms involves undoing the shoddy work of less experienced property professionals.

Today, many estate agents consider an iPad to be the only tool they need for property marketing, including those all-important whole-room internal shots. Drone photographers try to capitalise on their aerial prowess by offering ground-level photography as an extra service, often using camera lenses which are less than optimal on terra firma. Some freelance property photography services cut corners by using standard 18-105mm lenses instead of the all-important wide-angle alternatives. On occasion, a freelance property photographer might even claim a smartphone is sufficient – it’s not, for reasons we explore in more detail below.

Fail to prepare…

On the Before & After page of this site, you’ll see examples of freelance property photography which G75 Images was commissioned to improve upon. You can see our handiwork beside each low-quality original photograph. This collection of before and after images demonstrates a number of common failings with low-grade freelance property photography, or images taken by people whose specialisms clearly lie elsewhere…

  1. The absence of flash guns. Modern camera lenses try to compensate for dark conditions by widening their lens apertures, but this often leads to noise and degradation. A synchronised flash gun should effectively illuminate any space without flooding it, providing it’s set up correctly. Many years ago, we managed to illuminate a French ballroom once graced by General de Gaulle with a single Olympus flash gun, though master and slave guns are sometimes required in tandem.
  2. The lack of a wide-angle lens. By this, we don’t mean the ultra-wide lens fitted to your current smartphone, which is likely to cause bowing and distortion outwith the central portion of the image. We mean a 10-18mm wide angle lens with a field of vision of at least 100 degrees – enough to capture whole-room shots without causing verticals to appear bowed, or perspective to seem stretched.
  3. An inability to frame a shot correctly. A well-presented shot should be taken with the camera completely vertical, to avoid trapezoidal walls or structures. Inside shots need to be taken midway between floor and ceiling to ensure a balanced perspective. And while some photographers depend on tripods to achieve stable images, their splayed feet push the camera in from the corners, resulting in cramped internal images.
  4. A lack of technical understanding. If you’re not familiar with photo editing platforms, you might not realise how to add blue skies to an overcast outdoor scene. If you’re not experienced in property photography, you might not realise why blue skies look so inappropriate on rainy days. And if you’re not used to working in the rain, you might not realise deflectors help to ensure droplets and condensation won’t ruin your shoot.

Why you need expert freelance property photography services

At G75 Images, we’ve spent two decades honing our freelance property photography skills. We’ve photographed everything from yachts and luxury hotels to studio flats and construction sites, providing freelance property photography to housebuilders, developers and agents, as well as landlords and homeowners. We supply a curated selection of high-resolution digital images the day after each site visit or property appointment, undertaking strategic editing to ensure perfect orientation and optimal levels of brightness. Critically, we adhere to the Property Misdescriptions Act, while framing and dressing each shot to ensure minimal post-production is required.

If you have a residential property or commercial premises that would benefit from better photographs, please get in touch with G75 Images for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.