A hotel on Skye photographed by G75 Images

The benefits of professional hotel photography in Scotland

If you’re not familiar with the hospitality industry, it’s hard to appreciate the challenges involved in running a modern hotel. Occupancy rates and profit margins understandably dominate discussions about the business, which means marketing tends end up in the ‘when I’ve got time’ pile. The daily churn of departing and arriving guests often leaves little time for projects like improving hotel photography.

As a result, many hotels are advertised on dated websites, using images which do little to celebrate their rooms and communal areas. Fortunately, specialist hotel photographers can resolve this problem. At G75 Images, we’ve spent ten years undertaking professional hotel photography in Scotland, from Baronial castles to boutique city B&Bs.

Painting a picture with hotel photography in Scotland

As well as making individual suites and bathrooms look their best, professional hotel photography in Scotland often involves showcasing the surrounding environment. G75 Images was one of the first companies to offer placeholder photography as a service to our freelance property photography clients. This could mean taking photos of a hotel’s immediate surroundings, such as lochs or forests. It might involve images of landmarks and tourist attractions near a B&B, providing hoteliers with in-house photos instead of having to rely on over-used third-party images found on Google. We recognise the importance of exclusivity when marketing hotels and B&Bs, which is why our hotel photography in Scotland always gives you unrestricted copyright over the images we provide. Those high-quality photos are yours to reuse whenever, wherever and however you want.

Walking on the Air(bnb)

The hospitality sector has recently been disrupted by the arrival of Airbnb accommodation, where rooms, outbuildings and apartments are rented through Airbnb. G75 Images has undertaken Airbnb photography in Scotland from the western edge of Skye to the east coast of Fife. Our Airbnb photography services are highly respected, and you can see examples of our work with Airbnb photography clients on the Hotel & Travel [Hotel & Travel] page of our website, from caravans to penthouses.

Hotel photography in Scotland is highly specialist, but G75 Images has evolved it into a fine art. Contact us [contact] to enquire about professional hotel photography in Scotland, or to ask about our rates for hotel photography across northern England and Northern Ireland. From Leeds to Larne, our professional hotel photography quotes are allied to outstanding service and affordable prices. Whether you have a business hotel or a boutique hideaway, we’re here to help.