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A strange decade in the freelance property photography sector

The end of a decade always inspires reflective editorials and articles about how much has changed over the last ten years. However, for G75 Images, the conclusion of the current decade is a cause for celebration rather than nostalgia. Our dedicated freelance property photography agency was launched early in 2010, as the property market struggled against a sluggish economy in uncertain political times. The more things change…

Business has been steady ever since we started accepting freelance property photography assignments from private individuals and estate agents in central Scotland. Yet as we look back on this decade, we’ve seen some fairly remarkable things. We’ve visited million-pound mansions with basement home cinemas and swimming pools. We’ve found ourselves standing in penthouse flats with spectacular city and coastal views. And at the other end of the spectrum, we’ve photographed a wooden Airbnb caravan on Skye, and student halls of residence in a converted Paisley office block.

Commercial breaks

While residential properties tend to be fairly conventional, G75 Images also undertakes commercial property photography throughout Scotland. These assignments are often fascinating, and occasionally bizarre; we once photographed the opening of a refurbished petrol station, with the ribbon cut by an elderly local resident who didn’t drive. Capturing images of an office complex inside an MoD base involved three separate security checks before we were allowed to set to work. And photographing a wedding shop in North Lanarkshire involved working around camera-shy brides-to-be in the fitting rooms…

Of course, strange photography assignments aren’t unique to this decade. In the Noughties, G75 Images’ founder Neil Cumins was asked to photograph a recently-cleared traveller site, and the evidence of a ram-raid on a corner shop. And sometimes it’s not the properties themselves that throw up challenges. How many people in any industry have been asked to grind wasps into someone’s carpet as a way of tackling an infestation, or been prevented from leaving a property until they ate a tomato sandwich? Still, nothing could be worse than having to photograph a recently-repossessed crack den in Kilmarnock, complete with soiled bedding and bloodstains…

Needless to say, the latter property’s selling agent is no longer a client of G75 Images. However, if you’d like to benefit from our freelance property photography services in 2020, give us a call. We’d be delighted to hear from you – providing your properties don’t contain a wasp’s nest or brown sheets…

Why companies need freelance website photography

When companies commission a new website, the quality of website photography is rarely a priority. Website redesigns tend to be driven by sales teams wanting mobile optimisation, or IT departments keen to achieve HTTPS compliance. Design discussions tend to focus on fonts and colour schemes, rather than whether freelance website photography would promote products and services more effectively.

The absence of high-calibre images is a recurring headache for website designers, and photographs are often the final element to be uploaded onto a beta website. While freelance website photography represents the gold standard, web designers regularly have to fall back on these inferior options:

1. Stock photography. Images are sold by companies like Shutterstock, with significant per-image costs passed onto the client. Photos may have been used dozens of times, and their American origins make it difficult to acquire Scottish or British images.

2. Copyright-free photos. These are even more over-used, downloadable from philanthropic or hobby platforms like Pixabay and FreeImages. They’re free to reuse under the Creative Commons Zero licence, but quality may not be great.

3. Self-taken images. Few people have the technical equipment or the natural flair to take professional-calibre photographs. Common issues in amateur photography include blurring, poorly-lit surroundings and low-quality image resolutions.

Taking photographs on an iPad might suffice for advertising home-made craft items, but it’ll be completely inadequate for capturing rooms and offices. Without a wide-angle lens, internal photography tends to look cramped. Without flash guns, room shots often appear dark. And without an expert photographer’s trained eye, straight lines may appear at jaunty angles.

Introducing FaaS (Freelance website photography as a Service)

Freelance website photography is vitally important, and G75 Images is proud to offer professional photography services to web design agencies in Scotland and throughout the UK. Perhaps your latest client has a factory or showroom, which should be prominently shown on their new website’s homepage. Maybe they need placeholder images of key products and services, such as portfolio photographs for a landscape gardening website. Even construction firms may not have a satisfactory portfolio of completed architectural photography, if they haven’t got a freelance property photographer on their books.

In all these situations – and many more besides – G75 Images is ready to provide freelance website photography for web design firms and their clients. Our high-quality architectural and property photography services add visual appeal to any new web design project, complementing well-written body copy and effective site structures. You can see examples of our work with commercial and hotel/tourism clients here, with the image beside this article taken on board a yacht which was being sold by a specialist dealer. Alternatively, contact us [contact] to enquire about our freelance website photography services.