Property photography in Lanarkshire – from the bucolic to the Brutalist

As a property photography agency founded and based in South Lanarkshire, you’d expect G75 Images to be passionate about our home county. And indeed we are. South Lanarkshire makes a good claim to represent Scotland in miniature. It combines sprawling city suburbs, deprived industrial towns, chocolate-box villages and wealthy enclaves. Our property photography services have been based in East Kilbride since we were founded in 2010, and we’re very happy here.

Despite encompassing south-eastern suburbs of Glasgow (including Cambuslang and Rutherglen), South Lanarkshire is mainly rural, with many of its towns and villages dotted along the River Clyde. By contrast, North Lanarkshire is far more industrial in nature and landscape. Here, the towns evolved in response to the local coal and steel industries. Property in North Lanarkshire is therefore a distinct blend of stone cottages, pre-war council terraces, post-war high rises and newer estates of family and executive housing.

From studio flats to stately homes

As such, property photography in Lanarkshire can involve ex-council houses or country piles, miners’ cottages or mansions. It can require wide-angle lenses to capture the entirety of compact bedrooms, and flash guns to illuminate huge open-plan living spaces. And while much of our work is focused on affluent towns in South Lanarkshire (Bothwell, Uddingston and Strathaven, for instance), we’ve also undertaken plenty of property photography in North Lanarkshire. This has ranged from private homes in Dalzell Park to commercial outlets in Carfin and industrial units in Motherwell.

A fascinating aspect of the Lanarkshire residential market is its constant evolution. Towns like East Kilbride have expanded substantially since the Millennium, with huge residential districts like Lindsayfield developing around retail hubs and new school campuses. North Lanarkshire Council has unveiled plans to demolish all 48 of its high-rise tower blocks, and replace them with more desirable low-rise villas, while South Lanarkshire’s more modest stock of a dozen high-rises will be culled to single figures. Regeneration changes the face and nature of an area, and G75 Images was in attendance for various high-rise demolitions and urban renewal projects throughout the last decade.

Nobody knows Lanarkshire like G75 Images

Thanks to our encyclopaedic knowledge of towns and villages in North and South Lanarkshire, G75 Images can ensure any bookings for property photography in Lanarkshire are well-executed. We know which streets might be in shade from tall buildings, and which villages should be photographed on a sunny day to optimise their picturesque backdrops. We’re familiar with the distinctive property styles found across Lanarkshire, including red sandstone tenements and compact mining cottages. And because we’re based in East Kilbride, we take genuine local pride in delivering optimal property photography in Lanarkshire. Why not contact us, to see how we can promote your property, or give your agency an advantage over its competitors?