The benefits of professional hotel photography in Scotland

If you’re not familiar with the hospitality industry, it’s hard to appreciate the challenges involved in running a modern hotel. Occupancy rates and profit margins understandably dominate discussions about the business, which means marketing tends end up in the ‘when I’ve got time’ pile. The daily churn of departing and arriving guests often leaves little […]

Why cheap property photography could cost you dear

During the last decade, estate agency was unwittingly engaged in a race to the bottom. The advent of online estate agents led to industry-wide cost-cutting, driving many established brands out of business. From traditional solicitors property centres to online-only brands, numerous selling agents have folded in response to the proliferation of cut-price property marketing services. […]

A strange decade in the freelance property photography sector

The end of a decade always inspires reflective editorials and articles about how much has changed over the last ten years. However, for G75 Images, the conclusion of the current decade is a cause for celebration rather than nostalgia. Our dedicated freelance property photography agency was launched early in 2010, as the property market struggled […]

When estate agent photography goes wrong

The property in the photograph accompanying this article might be modest, but it looks attractive and well-presented. You wouldn’t know that this semi-detached ex-council house had looked rather less appealing before G75 Images arrived one sunny morning… The estate agent photography originally supplied to the vendors was decidedly unflattering. It had been taken on a […]

Photographing the changing face of Glasgow – demolition, new-builds, different suburbs

In some respects, the photograph above encapsulates everything that’s great about Glasgow’s iconic housing stock. On the far left, there’s a red sandstone building whose distinctive colour was sourced from quarries in Ayrshire. Beside it is the more prestigious blonde sandstone, beloved by homeowners throughout the west end and south side of the city. And […]

Why companies need freelance website photography

When companies commission a new website, the quality of website photography is rarely a priority. Website redesigns tend to be driven by sales teams wanting mobile optimisation, or IT departments keen to achieve HTTPS compliance. Design discussions tend to focus on fonts and colour schemes, rather than whether freelance website photography would promote products and […]

How to recognise professional property photography

If you’re not a professional photographer, it’s often difficult to tell whether an image is good, bad or somewhere in between. Technical attributes like white balancing and ISO settings mean nothing to most people, while framing techniques such as the rule of thirds aren’t widely understood, either. Instead, most people make a subconscious decision about […]

Is the decline of online estate agents a bad thing?

The internet has transformed many aspects of our lives, and it’s certainly had a dramatic effect on the UK’s residential property market. The traditional model of local agents with For Sale cards in their windows has been overshadowed by a new breed of online estate agents. These budget focused firms promise lower prices despite high […]

The unique challenges of property photography in Edinburgh

Every city has its unique architectural elements and distinguishing features. Aberdeen’s property stock is characterised by the use of granite, while Glasgow’s sandstone tenements are equally famous. Scotland’s capital also has a distinctive architectural style of its own – the attractive tenement photo accompanying this article is quintessentially Edinburgh. The challenges of property photography in […]