Making the most of your online property listings

The world has changed immeasurably over the last month, and we are currently enduring unprecedented restrictions on our freedom and income. However, the current lockdown is unsustainable for more than a matter of weeks, and the property market will inevitably rebound. When it does, a flood of properties will arrive onto the market, and the ones with the best presentation will attract far more interest from potential purchasers.

That doesn’t just mean choosing a reputable selling agent, or searching online for freelance property photography in Scotland. It means showing off every corner of your home in online listings. Think about the largest room in your house, and then think about the smallest room. The chances are you’ve imagined your lounge and a bathroom. You might assume only one of these would be worth including in an online property listing, but you’d be wrong. And although many selling agents would gladly skip these rooms, high-quality freelance property photography in Scotland will celebrate small or cluttered rooms just as much as large and airy ones.

There are various reasons why inexperienced property marketing agents might try to avoid capturing ancillary rooms or crowded living spaces:

  1. They don’t have the wide-angle lenses and flash guns necessary to illuminate small (and often internal) rooms.
  2. They aren’t skilled enough to take pictures without capturing themselves in the mirrors often found in bathrooms and cloakrooms.
  3. They think floor space is the only thing prospective buyers are interested in, when décor, storage and furnishings are equally important.
  4. They don’t appreciate the mindset of modern online house hunters, who will presume something doesn’t exist if it’s not clearly displayed to them.

This latter point is particularly significant in the age of mindless scrolling and swiping. Many people’s idea of looking at a property online involves quickly scrolling through a slideshow of images, before moving onto the next property. They won’t even question whether other apartments might be missing from that slideshow. As a result, it’s crucial to include at least one photo of every room in the house, however mundane or compact. Just because the spare room is currently filled with boxes doesn’t mean it’s useless as a bedroom or home office. That ramshackle outbuilding in the garden could fulfil a dozen different roles once it’s been tidied up. And utility rooms are much-loved workhorses which deserve to be recognised in online property listings, rather than treated as a guilty secret. If it’s on the floorplan, it should be in the photo library.

Comprehensive freelance property photography in Scotland

Having worked with estate agents, housebuilders and letting agents for over a decade, G75 Images can deliver freelance property photography in Scotland and northern England which celebrates every room in the home. Nobody expects an understairs WC to feel spacious, but it can still look attractive with some liquid soap bottles and a couple of nice pictures on the walls. As with many smaller rooms, there’s often one angle which shows a cloakroom off to best effect – and finding the optimal angle to photograph each room from is something G75 Images has huge experience of.

Our track record of helping estate agents, housebuilders and private clients to market their homes to best effect has become well-known throughout the property industry. If you’re looking for freelance property photography in Scotland or northern England, take a look at the work we’ve done with other residential property clients to date. And if you think your property or listings would benefit from our professional property photography services, why not get in touch with us to discuss our rates and additional services?