How white label property photography could transform your property business

Late last year, G75 Images was contacted by someone planning to launch a new estate agency. The agent had considerable experience of marketing residential homes for sale, but recognised that some of the more specialised aspects of residential property marketing required external assistance. And as one of Scotland’s leading white label property photography providers, we were happy to provide a competitive quote for freelance property photography.

But what is white label property photography? How do you find it? And what benefits does it bring to a property manager or branch owner? Read on for all the answers…

Q. What is white label property photography?

A. It’s freelance property photography conducted by a sub-contractor who doesn’t refer to their own business or trading name at any point in customer-facing exchanges. At G75 Images, we’re used to knocking on doors and introducing ourselves as being from a residential or commercial property agent, when we’re really an outsourced third-party. The client will never hear the name “G75 Images”, as our photos are supplied directly to the property agent with full copyright assignation. The term “white label” traces its origins back to vinyl records, which were sold in plain white labels ready for importers or retailers to add their own details.

Q. How do you find a white label property photography agent?

A. You’ve found one! G75 Images was set up in 2007 to help solicitors property centres in central Scotland improve their property photography output. We recognised from the outset that clients placed a lot of trust in their solicitor, but wouldn’t necessarily extend that trust to a third-party business. We would therefore describe ourselves as working for the solicitor during any client interactions. Other examples of white label writing include ghostwritten books and articles, where the author isn’t publicly acknowledged as the source of the work.

Q. What are the benefits to a property business?

A. Outsourcing property photography to a professional brings numerous benefits, as we explained in a previous blog about professional property photography. In essence, it ensures residential, commercial and industrial buildings are photographed by someone who can make them look their best at all times. The photographer will use a wide-angle lens to make rooms seem spacious, allied to a flash gun which brightens every corner of every apartment. High-resolution photos will look stunning on any screen, from a smartphone to a computer monitor. And the property itself will stand out from other listings in an online marketplace where a main external image often has one or two seconds to pique the audience’s interest. In such a fiercely competitive industry, low-quality smartphone images simply aren’t good enough.

Q. Which types of property businesses can benefit from white label photography?

A. The simple answer is all of them. G75 Images has worked with residential and commercial property agents throughout Scotland and England. We’ve photographed parades of shops and portfolios of rental properties. We’ve captured wedding shops like the one in the accompanying image, refurbished petrol stations, office pods and Airbnb caravans. And in the process, we’ve represented residential and commercial property agents across the country, ensuring their property stock looks its absolute best in marketing materials and online listings.

If your property business could benefit from freelance property photography, get in touch with us. And in the meantime, please visit our commercial and residential  property photography pages, to see how G75 Images has helped other property marketing agencies in the past.