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It’s remarkable to consider how estate agency and property marketing has changed. In the 1980s and 1990s, property schedules tended to comprise monochrome A4 sheets with a 5’x3’ external photo glued above a list of room sizes and power points. There was little detail and no flair – homes were generally marketed as unromantically as white goods or garden tools. This meant viewing properties was a lottery, with little idea of what to expect even as you arrived outside the front door.

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Life-changing choices made in comfort

Today, online property marketing has transformed the experience of house-hunting. From our sofas and armchairs, we can browse property stock anywhere in the world, filtered by price, size and many other attributes. We can check out neighbouring properties with street view footage, study garden sizes using satellite mapping, and open apps to calculate door-to-door commuting times. And rising above all of these undeniably useful resources is the schedule – still the centrepiece of all online property marketing materials.

Property schedules have evolved a long way since the days when they arrived via second class post, held together with staples and smelling of glue. Today, online property marketing materials provide a wealth of detail about the fittings, the character and the versatility of each principal space. More importantly, effective marketing materials visualise every room or amenity using clear and detailed photographs. Wide-angle lenses capture more floor area than was previously possible, giving audiences far greater insight into available levels of space. Flash guns illuminate even the darkest corners, ensuring consistent brightness while eliminating any sense of gloominess. And clever framing draws the audience’s eye to optimal features, discreetly steering them away from less appealing ones.

Of course, none of this is easy. Without extensive training and experience, it’s hard to assemble online property marketing materials that accentuate the positives while downplaying the negatives. Owning professional SLR camera equipment isn’t a panacea if you don’t understand the importance of white balancing, or know how to crop out unnecessary street furniture. Nor should you assume today’s sophisticated semi-professional cameras will do everything for you. Even the iconic automatic focus option is generally intended for external use. It can leave one part of an internal image looking crisp and detailed, while other parts of the same photo are blurry and out of focus. And there’s no way to tell that’s happened until you’re reviewing the shots on a large screen – by which time you’ve almost always left the property.

Ask an expert

Given the complexities of digital property photography, it’s often easier to call on the services of an expert rather than trying to live up to today’s increasingly high industry standards. That’s where G75 Images comes in. Over the last decade, our award-winning freelance property photography service has helped hundreds of estate agencies, housebuilders, landlords and private sellers. Crucially, we can also supply comprehensive property descriptions, alongside detailed floorplans and room sizes in both feet and metres. From travel directions to kitchen specifications, our online content production service is the ideal accompaniment to our high-end freelance property photography work. Little wonder some estate agents have entrusted us with producing all their online property marketing materials.

To enquire about professional property photography, schedule text and floorplan production services, contact G75 Images for a quote. We cover the whole of the UK, and we offer repeat customer discounts with reduced fees for multiple properties at the same location. We’re happy to work on a white label basis, giving you the credit for our work, and every image we supply is copyright-free for unrestricted reuse.

G75 Images can make sure your online property marketing materials always look their best.