G75 Images and the art of discretion

Take a look at the photograph accompanying this article, and think about what you see. It’s a communal area in a traditional hotel, with a variety of seating areas and coordinated fabrics extending along its corridors. The chandeliers are blazing, the fire is roaring and the sun is shining – but there’s nobody there.

This is quite deliberate. In fact, if you scan through the photos on this website, you’ll notice a complete absence of people. Whether you’re surveying our commercial property photography of football stadia and wedding store retailers, or admiring our travel and tourism shots of restaurants and hotels, there isn’t a single person in scene. You probably hadn’t even noticed, and yet the absence of people is a key component of our discreet property photography services. Where there are people in shot, there are awkward conversations to be had (and potentially forms to be completed), and a memorable impression is created among anyone who was involved.

Discretion is the better part of valuations

If you’re trying to sell a trading business, or hoping to market a property without attracting the wrong sort of attention, discreet property photography is more than just desirable. It’s essential. But how does a company like G75 Images tackle the challenge of providing discreet property photography services, capturing the best parts of a building without third parties realising what’s happening?

It would be self-defeating for us to reveal all the discreet property photography techniques G75 Images has developed over the last two decades. We know competitors browse this site (hello to you too), and there’s a balance to be struck between informing potential customers and empowering potential competitors. For the purposes of this article, let’s take one example – white label property photography. That’s something we’ve discussed before, but white label property photography doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

All things for all reasons

From our first contact onwards, we approach each client interaction with absolute discretion unless we’re assured it’s not necessary. A business owner attempting to sell their company as a trading enterprise won’t appreciate us breezing into reception and announcing we’re here to take photos for selling the business. Conversations have a surprising habit of carrying along corridors and through walls, to places where third parties may be unwittingly in earshot. It’s often possible to hear the other side of a conversation from someone’s phone earpiece, so we routinely avoid any reference as to why we’re scheduling an appointment during telephone discussions.

The same principles apply to the photography appointments themselves. We’ve photographed many venues ‘for social media purposes’, or ‘because the insurance company asked for it’, or ‘to update the website’. In every case, we’ve left with our cover intact, and the people we’ve bumped into along the way have been none the wiser. It’s up to our clients to determine when and how they share their intentions with their staff/neighbours/friends/the community councillor along the street. We’re happy to maintain any cover story that’s proposed.

If you’re looking to commission a freelance photographer to capture discreet property photography across northern England or southern and central Scotland, get in touch with G75 Images to discuss how we can help you – in absolute discretion, of course…