Creativity and improvisation during industrial property photography assignments

Although G75 Images was founded a decade ago as a residential property photography service, we quickly made the decision to expand into related areas. Company founder and chief photographer Neil Cumins identified an unmet need for commercial and industrial property photography services in Scotland. And within a year, G75 Images was providing freelance photograph services for commercial property resellers across Scotland and northern England.

Making the leap from residential to industrial property photography doesn’t just involve adding a few SEO terms to your website and waiting for assignments to come in. Industrial photography assignments tend to pose specific challenges which someone accustomed to visiting family homes and rental apartments would undoubtedly struggle with:

  1. Industrial buildings can be huge. They tend to have high ceilings, large floor areas and substantial pieces of machinery like industrial hoists. Choosing the optimal angles to capture industrial property photography requires a natural eye for framing, with post-production helping to tidy up reflections and other unavoidable phenomena.
  2. There is often a lack of natural daylight in factories and warehouses, barring sliding access doors and the occasional rooflight. The garage featured in the photo accompanying this article had very little natural light internally, necessitating the use of master and slave flash guns to ensure every corner was illuminated.
  3. It’s easy to ask homeowners to stay out of the kitchen while you photograph it. But asking twenty CNC engineers to abandon their machines mid-shift is simply impractical. Slow shutter times and a tripod can add motion blur to shots for dramatic effect, but working at the weekend is the best way to minimise the presence of people.
  4. This is a common problem, as industrial premises are designed for functionality rather than aesthetics. Again, effective framing and post-production editing can help, but it’s important to accept some industrial property photography will show crowded workspaces. You can’t airbrush out a building’s primary function.

It’s no coincidence that G75 Images has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality industrial property photography across Scotland and northern England:

  1. We use wide-angle lenses for whole-building internals and externals, with telephoto lenses capturing detail shots.
  2. We have multiple flash guns, collectively capable of illuminating even the most cavernous industrial building.
  3. We use a mixture of tripod-mounted and handheld camera work, depending on which option best captures the available space.
  4. We have decades of experience framing shots correctly in first instance, minimising the amount of post-production required.
  5. This latter point ensures we can usually supply a full set of images to a client within 24 hours of attending a freelance photography assignment. Images are supplied via Dropbox or WeTransfer, with no copyright restrictions on their subsequent use or modification.

If you’d like to see for yourself how G75 Images tackles industrial property photography, get in touch with us for a quote. We can also provide examples of our previous industrial property photography work upon request, though we refrain from publishing these on our website, since our work in this area is often highly confidential. Many industrial premises are advertised for sale due to sensitive issues like owner retirement or relocation, and the smooth transfer of ownership is crucial to maintaining custom and local support during transitional periods. Confidentiality is part of the service when you entrust your industrial property photography requirements to G75 Images.